The Lanai is located in the heart of Capitol Hill within walking distance to many of the best restaurants in the city and plenty of local and national shops.

Contact Information

Lanai Condominium Association

800 N Washington St

Manager's Office

Denver, CO 80203

Main Phone: 303-832-2188

Management Company
Centennial Property Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 4118
Centennial, CO  80155-4118

Maintenance Coordinator
Lenny Landis, Unit 710

Something concerning you about the building? Submit a work order here and we will add it into the priorities.


COVID-19 Assistance Team: If you need help during this crisis or are willing to help others, please use this form to contact our volunteer team. For example, if you need somebody to run to the grocery or pharmacy for you, or if you can do it for others, let us know.

Welcome to the Lanai

800 N Washington Street

Gary Jugert, Unit 1102

Vice President
Frank Branham, Unit 903


Toby Clark, Unit 310

Chrisann Steurer, Unit 1101

Members At Large

Geetha Sivanandam, Unit 801

John Pantelias, Unit 501

Matthew Lea, Unit 806


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Board members

Lanai Condominiums

Denver, Colorado 80203

Members of the Board of Managers are elected annually by vote of owners who are in good standing with the Association. Should you desire to volunteer for any vacancy on the Board of Managers, please contact any current member of the Board. Meetings are held on the third Thursday at 7 pm.


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